May 19, 2024

Hankering for History

Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire, in this case for–you guessed it–history!

American Liberals Keep Trying to Fix History

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liberals-historyI ran across an interesting letter at; it was entitled “American liberals keep trying to fix history, destroy country.” This letter was sent to the Kalamazoo Gazette’s editor.

Just as the Europeans keep trying to convince themselves that they are shed of their Holocaust guilt, American liberals keep trying to convince themselves and everyone else, that WWII, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq,, you name it, must be dealt with over and over and over until Americans have suffered enough that the liberals’ conscience and self-image is satisfied… When any government or people keep wringing their hands about history, they are damaging their country and themselves.

Liberals try to raise their opinion of themselves by attempting to send the rest of the country on guilt trips. Historical guilt is the tool that they use but never care if the social disruption damages or even destroys the country that allows them to manufacture guilt trips.

The never-ending effort to put history on trial is a sign of a mental disorder. They don’t want to forgive themselves for being an American. That also is a mental disorder. You cannot improve the present by keep trying to fix history. The attempt to achieve utopian equality ignores the fact that we are all born with less than equal abilities. Passing an equality law now is not going to change the fact that we are all born with different and limited abilities.

We are born unequal and equal justice and equality of life are both foolish Utopian efforts.

In a time of economic collapse, when conservatives and liberals are at each others’ throats, it is no surprise that a letter like this would arise. It begs the question: are liberals really trying to ruin the country? What are your thoughts? Do you think that liberals keep trying to fix history?


3 thoughts on “American Liberals Keep Trying to Fix History

  1. I was just doing some research yesterday on the word manipulation, what they use this to control people, one of them mentioned guilt trips closly allied with that is shaming, they do these things at the same time they are playing the servant role (pretending to be doing it for the good of others) which then allies with another tactice lies. closly allied with this is play the victim role as well. with their heart they are not with you (they are pretending to be rightous, just and caring) but in reality they are only interested in selfish gain of power or money or whatever. it is interesting how it said that shaming was taken from a word that means to tear flesh. (like a predator does). I wouldn’t call liberals liberals, I would call them radical, they run ranshod over people to achive their goals, while conservatives could be more the status quo group who still are only intersted in self interest as well they speak about free markets and the like but remember one time we did have this free market and people had ot fight to get fair wages, safty standards and reduced work hours (who wants to work to exhaustion?) this same free market group were exploiting people as well so there has to be a balance, very hard to achieve when everone is basically out for themselves without regard for their fellows. htis is the symbolism found in revelation about the waves of the sea against the dry ground, water in most cases in the bible means people, and the sea is restless, rebellious,moves about with the wind, and churns up alot of bad stuff (hence the term seaweed and mire)unclean things (like immorality, hypocrisy, unjust laws and practices)the ground being more the status quo who believe in keeping things of the past more intact. not sure exactly what part of the past the info was talking about but I believe it has to do with having more liberties like they did in the past but even that is vague what liberties are the conservatives trying to preserve?

  2. The guilt trip…it only works when somebody feels guilty….guilty because they’ve done something they know was wrong. Well, it’s true that I’ve don’t lots of bad things back in the day, but trying to make me feel guilty just because I’m an American, or white, or male, or Christian, or ….ad infinitum…is not going to make me feel guilty, it’s just going to piss me off. I never rounded up any Japanese and locked them up in some internment camp. I never made black people use a different water fountain. I never tried to stop Jane from voting.

    And the part that really gets me steamed is when people who’ve never been in an interment camp, never in their lives been forced to use a different water fountain, never once been ,kept from voting, etc…nevertheless stand up there frothing at the mouth and eyes rolling crazily with fury as they spew an unending litany of imprecations and accusations like some kind of verbal projectile vomiting, or perhaps Tourette’s temper tantrums. A related topic that I thought was interesting was this article on American Thinker.

  3. I believe that most countries use history as propaganda, to further the view that the country is “great.” Therefore, any “negative” history is glossed over or just not mentioned.

    Eventually, some folks learn the “full” history and are understandably skeptical about why it was not previously presented and that is the first step toward radicalization. That was the path I followed.

    To this day, I do not trust the U.S. government about anything of consequence, such as the “slam dunk” case for WMDs in Iraq. I was in the minority that never supported the invasion. And that experience has only hardened my distrust of the government. (Which is why my avatar is what it is…)

    What do the conservatives propose? Presenting history the way Japan does, denying that certain unflattering events took place or minimizing them? Look at the controversies that keep happening with China and other Asian countries because of the Japanese attitude to what happened during WW2, such as the comfort women. Many Japanese still insist that the Nangking Massacre is exaggeration.

    The Japanese have such a high opinion of themselves that they cannot accept they are capable of such atrocities. The U.S. is the “Western” Japan.

    I am probably again in the minority that finds it “interesting” that the U.S. talks about the need for democracy in the Mideast and then tiptoes around the overthrow of the democratically elected Egyptian President. It was coup and all military aid should be cut off, but the U.S. does not want to do that.

    I believe what is happening in Egypt is another Iran, where the CIA aided the overthrow of its democratically elected Prime Minister in order to restore a more friendly government – the Shah. Which led to the Islamic Revolution. The U.S. deserves what it got in Iran.

    History needs to be ALL the truth, not just the good part. It will keep future generations from posturing on a moral pedestal, as the U.S. often does, when folks realize the U.S. has its share of sordid history. Not that the U.S. is “worse” than other countries, but it certainly has no basis to be preaching to other countries.

    And for those folks who ask if I’d rather live in another country, the answer is: I grew up in another country (Philippines) and lived a much better life there. And now that I’m retired, I am looking at leaving the country so I can live that life (servants, private club, etc.) again.

    Ecuador is high on my list, partially because it has granted asylum to Julian Assange and partially because of the lifestyle of 5,000 Americans already living in Cuenca, a UNESCO World Heriatge city, that was featured on ABC News. Unlike Costa Rica and Panama, Ecuador has not been “discovered” yet and is still cheap.

    Now that I’m retired, I’m using my time to read “Honor in the Dust: War in the Philippines, Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise and Fall of Amecia’s Imperial Dream.”

    I suspect few Americans know that the Philippines was a colony of the U.S. for almost 50 years. Part of the booty from the Spanish-American War. It became the first Viet Nam, complete with water boarding, massacres of civilians, lots of controversy, etc. But how many Americans learned that in history class?

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