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Remembering Mikel Weisser: A Tribute to the Marijuana Activist and Arizona NORML Director

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mikel weisser

Mikel Weisser, the State Director of Arizona NORML and a political maverick who had an unwavering commitment to cannabis reform through his three-time congressional candidacy, was remembered in 2021 after he sadly passed away. His passion for marijuana legalization brought about changes across Arizona which will continue forever due to Mikel’s inspiring legacy. He dedicated himself wholeheartedly towards this mission, making him deeply cherished amongst many in both the local community and beyond.

Short Summary

  • Mikel Weisser was a devoted political activist and marijuana reform advocate, running for the U.S. House in 2012, 2014 & 2016.
  • He championed causes such as overturning Citizens United, ending marijuana prohibition & protecting reproductive rights.
  • His legacy will continue to inspire future generations to pick up the cause of social justice and progress.

Mikel Weisser’s Journey

Mikel Weisser’s beginnings were not privileged, he held jobs in plumbing and working at homeless shelters. Yet these hardships drove him to gain a M.A. from University of Illinois, Springfield as well as an M.A.Ed from Northern Arizona University, which would serve, has his motivation for later activism throughout Arizona states campaigns with fairness and compassion close in mind. His passion for marijuana reform is intertwined with his family life that blossomed under the influence of university education mentioned above.

Activism and Political Involvement

Mikel Weisser was well-known for his commitment to different political and social causes. After studying at both the University of Illinois and Northern Arizona University, he joined a selection of organizations like PDA, DFA, NORML, Occupy Kingman (Occupy Together), Heartland Peace Center in Springfield IL, and Move On.Org., A.N.S.W.E.*R., Amnesty International & Code Pink as part of his protests against education inequality, marijuana reform and more. With these aims close to heart. Mikel also sought representation within Congress through an election in 2012 then 2014 then 2016, no matter what came up during this journey, he stayed dedicated to his beliefs throughout it all.

Family Life

Mikel Weisser, a great activist in the eyes of many, was driven by his strong commitment to encouraging healthier communities and boosting education standards for future generations. As well as this dedication to policy reform with regards to innovative revenue streams, he also had an important responsibility within his family life. Being married to Beth and having three children, a personal ambition which only motivated him. Towards achieving change on behalf of the country that he sought so fervently.

Weisser’s unwavering determination despite difficulties is believed to have been heavily inspired by support from those closest to him including his own family members – they remained at center stage throughout their journey together helping instill vigor when needed most during tough times.

Arizona NORML Director

Mikel Weisser, the director of Arizona NORML, was an influential leader in pushing for marijuana legalization in his home state. During his time as Director of the organization, he played a huge role getting the passing of the Medical Marijuana Act through and campaigning for recreational use to be permitted. Thanks to Weisser’s effort on public education, lobbying efforts and grassroots organizing it enabled him to make progress towards bettering access despite limited resources available at hand during this period leading up till today where there has been advances made nationally due credit from Arizona’s weed movements started by Mr Weisser amongst other activists who fought against cannabis criminalization here with many changes being felt throughout America regarding drug reform laws surrounding marijuana consumption or even possession no matter if medical-based or not . His work is set now as an inspiration icon within past generations encouraging newer ones to change future policies related to cannabis’ stigma attached.

Marijuana Legalization Efforts

As Director of the Arizona NORML, Mikel Weisser was a staunch proponent for marijuana legalization. He championed multiple campaigns to this effect such as Prop 200 in 1996 and also worked to repeal Arizona’s cannabis DUI law, which he succeeded in doing 2014. His efforts weren’t confined just within his state either. Reaching far beyond its borders with public education initiatives at both local and federal levels that drove support behind reforms concerning marijuana regulation.

The tenacity of Weisser heavily influenced modern opinions toward cannabis while setting up an improved foundation from which policies regarding it can move forward – revealing how greatly devoted he is when advocating on behalf of those wanting equality across all forms of legal system pertaining pot users regardless of what area they’re based out off-Amerca or otherwise.

Community Outreach

Mikel Weisser knew how critical it was for the marijuana reform movement to get involved with their communities. To advance this mission, he created events and programs intended to generate awareness about legalizing cannabis in Arizona during 2016 and 2020. His approach struck a balance between strategy and compassion as his aim was primarily focused on rallying support from those who favored changing the regulations around marijuana use.

The efforts put forth by Weisser had an immense impact on advancing reform across Arizona. Thanks to him, people were brought together through shared understanding of the importance of change, making them feel like one family fighting towards a common goal set forward by Mikel himself.

Weisser’s commitment in regards to community outreach will continue inspiring activists striving for similar objectives long after him when they look back at what he accomplished here in Arizona advocating new legislations concerning weed legislation just several years ago.

Election Campaigns

Despite facing tough odds, Mikel Weisser consistently championed progressive values during his numerous campaigns for U.S. House in Arizona’s 4th District from 2012 to 2016. His dedicated efforts highlighted issues he was passionate about including marijuana reform, education equality and economic innovation with the intent of creating meaningful change on a local level as well as inspiring those around him who shared similar beliefs.

Weisser never yielded despite being faced with powerful adversaries combined with the difficulties that come along when running against mainly Republican-aligned representatives. Instead standing firm in his commitments even through inevitable failure at each ballot box session or primary election attempt after another, something which continued till this day up until now since 2016.

His willingness to continue fighting forward is not limited only by name recognition but also working tirelessly towards stimulating dialogue over matters such Congress promoting greater equity within educational systems across America while simultaneously introducing new concepts related to global business practices all at once striving toward making sure more people have access opportunities afforded them regardless their place of origin – makes it no surprise why so many choose support politician like Weisser whose commitment made real progress regarding these major topics and has set an example for others aspiring politicians looking make difference among communities they serve whom growing numbers become part hopeful electorate potentially again very soon indeed future years upcoming

2012 Campaign

In 2012, Mikel Weisser was not successful in the Democratic primary for U.S. Representative of Arizona’s 4th District. His permanent residence was Johnnie Robinson’s home in that district. Though this failure prevented victory, it demonstrated Weisser’s commitment to issues like education and immigration reform he cares so deeply about, a spark which lit the flame for future endeavours on his part. His dedication propelled him. In electoral politics starting with that campaign, setting up what is sure to be many more efforts towards progress as time moves forward.

2014 Campaign

Mikel Weisser, a political maverick in Arizona, ran for the U.S. House of Representatives from his state’s 4th District during the 2014 election season and won unopposed at primary stage. The general elections brought tougher competition with incumbent Paul Gosar as an opponent. Nevertheless, despite all attempts made by him to win this election, he was not successful eventually.

Despite being unsuccessful in this endeavor yet again it showed Mikel’s unwavering loyalty towards whatever causes he believes such as equal access to education and marijuana reform which allowed him another platform through his campaign to bring attention on those topics. Reinforcing himself among Arizonan politicians considerably more than before.

2016 Campaign

Mikel Weisser once again threw his hat into the ring for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona’s 4th District, during 2016. Confronting incumbent Paul Gosar and being joined by both Robert Hixon (D write-in) and Jeffery Daniels (L write-in). His campaigning championed economic creativity plus recreational marijuana legalization as its focus points. He didn’t succeed at that election unfortunately despite putting forward great efforts to achieve success on it.

Even though Mikel did not win in 2016, those who supported him were aroused even more towards achieving what he advocated for, like reform when it comes to cannabis use and creating improved conditions all around Arizona. Throughout this journey, his commitment never faltered, which made evident how much drive there was behind wanting things done right no matter if victorious or otherwise.

Key Issues and Positions

Mikel Weisser demonstrated his commitment to a fairer society through the numerous key issues he highlighted during his electoral campaigns. He advocated for reversing Citizens United, ending marijuana prohibition and protecting reproductive rights. To increasing minimum wage levels, defending Social Security and creating job opportunities. His dedication towards these causes generated more support toward reform while also giving visibility to the topics he was passionate about, particularly civil rights as well as criminal justice change. Through highlighting such matters on his campaign websites, it showed how committed Weisser was to working towards an equitable future.

Overturning Citizens United

Mikel Weisser devoted his efforts to overturning Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations an excessive amount of influence over elections. He sought to restore citizens’ voices and the right to select their own leaders in government by joining forces with other activists and leading protests, demonstrations, rallies, etc., thus sparking public outcry around campaign finance reform. His dedication kept attention on this important issue for years, inspiring many others along the way.

Ending Marijuana Prohibition

Mikel Weisser was an extremely passionate advocate for the abolishment of marijuana criminalization. He staunchly maintained this sentiment during his time as Arizona NORML Director, and rallied support on a national level to fight against its prohibition. His activism prompted many people around him to act towards reform in cannabis policies – setting up milestones in allowing more lenient attitudes toward marijuana usage. Throughout his political career, he devoted much energy to advancing such campaigns within Arizona specifically. Confident that legalizing recreational cannabis use would create fairer judicial standards with greater compassion throughout society overall.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Mikel Weisser was a passionate advocate for reproductive rights. To marijuana reform and campaign finance. His dedication to the cause of defending these rights brought attention to their importance, as well as rallied support behind them with much vigor. Clearly, he devoted his energy towards building an equitable society that respected every individual’s right without bias or prejudice. Apart from this crucial crusade which he championed ardently, it is also known that Mr. Weisser supported cannabis liberation initiatives and has been pushing for better financing measures during election campaigns too.

Legacy and Impact

The tremendous influence of Mikel Weisser, State Director for Arizona NORML and dedicated marijuana reform proponent in the state, will remain evident far into the future. His commitment to make a difference is living on through groups like MPP and MJC which serve as mentors. Inspiration that one person can bring about great transformation.

His endless endeavours towards legalizing cannabis have left an indelible mark both within Arizona itself and across America, his legacy will keep inspiring those wishing to carry forward this cause for many years ahead.

Tributes from Colleagues and Friends

The sad passing of Mikel Weisser has resulted in an outpouring of tributes to his persistent activism and commitment towards marijuana reform. He was affectionately described by those closest to him as a devoted campaigner, an expert organizer, and most notably, a wonderful human being with strong aspirations for crafting a better future for everyone.

As the legacy left behind by this passionate advocate lives on through others taking up his cause in memory of him. We remember just how meaningful it was that he dedicated himself so deeply to championing marijuana reform.

Continuing the Fight for Reform

As we honor Mikel Weisser’s commitment to marijuana reform and his inspiring legacy, it is of the utmost importance that we keep pushing for progress. We must stay devoted to organizations like NORML, MPP and The Marijuana Justice Coalition in order to continue what he started. By continuing this struggle for justice on behalf of those who are discriminated against because of cannabis laws, we give recognition where due — keeping alive memory forever more.

We need not forget about the necessity for change. Advocacy should be ever present in our minds as well as working towards raising awareness concerning reformation. This way can make sure history remembers him truly while furthering his dream of a fairer society too.


In Arizona, Mikel Weisser’s legacy will be long-remembered and celebrated for his remarkable dedication to advocating marijuana reform, education equality and the protection of reproductive rights. Despite facing adversity in all his efforts as a political candidate along with Director of Arizon NORML (National Organization for Reform Marijuana Laws), he kept striving towards positive change that would benefit others, making an indelible mark on our world, which remains today.