July 22, 2024

Hankering for History

Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire, in this case for–you guessed it–history!

I want to add you to my history blogroll!

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If you haven’t visited the Hankering for History Blogroll already, do so. More importantly, if you have a history blog, leave your website in the comment section below so that I can add it! If you haven’t seen it already, it not only has the website, but the most recent article published and the time it was written. If I get enough sites added to it, I will break it up into sections. (Ex: Colonial times, Revolutionary War, Founding Fathers, WWI, WWII, etc.)

13 thoughts on “I want to add you to my history blogroll!

  1. I have a partly history blog. It’s Amy’s Scrap Bag: A Blog About Libraries, Archives, and History (http://amysscrapbag.wordpress.com). I cover a bit of each of those field solo, but I also have posts that cover all three. Plus I provide some research tips.

    1. hello : my site http://www.eucmh.com (European Center of Military History)
      Well I know it’s a “members” site but that’s the only way I have found to lease soon a own webserver – Gunter/Snafu

      1. note that I am using the WP Plugin “Terrbl” – this gives out 100 in-bounds links in the side bar – so if you add me in your blogroll you will be (if clicked) added automaticaly in the EUCMH homepage.

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