May 25, 2024

Hankering for History

Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire, in this case for–you guessed it–history!

History In Your Pocket

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Stamp Tre Skilling Banco Error Swedish Three 3

History doesn’t just come at a museum; it is something which lives within us throughout our lives. From limited edition stamps to coins, to a piece of clothing belonging to a historical figure- you can find elements of history in every element of modern day life. It is incredible to think that something so small can hold so much of a story, but this is why collectors will pay crazy money for the smallest token. Today we are going to talk through some of the pieces of history you could have hidden away in your pocket.

Stamp Tre Skilling Banco Error Swedish Three 3



Postage stamps are practically made as a way of sending mail from one recipient to another. Most of us don’t even take a second glance at the stamp we use on our letters. However, at different seasons or to mark occasions; different stamps will be printed. The number that is printed determine how valuable the stamp is to a collector. People strive to find the rarest stamps in the world, spending their whole lives looking for the missing piece of their collection. The rarest stamp in the world currently is the Sweden Three Skilling Banco, Yellow Color Error. The stamp was created in 1855 and was printed in the wrong color. It is unclear how many of these stamps exist, but only one has ever been found. It is worth $2.3 million.



Another huge collector’s item is coins. Many will spend decades collecting currency from all over the world and visiting coin shows to purchase missing pieces from their collections. The rarest coin in the world currently is worth $20 million and is called the Double Eagle. Coins are one of the most popular items to collect and could earn you a pretty penny if you happen to find one lying around.


War Medals

Many of us will have a grandfather or great-grandfather who fought in the war. This also means that many families across the world will have things hidden away in the attic which belonged to our fallen heroes. From photographs to uniforms, and medals of honor: war memorabilia is highly sought after and prized by not only collectors but museums too. If your ancestor was brave and lucky enough to receive the highest form of declaration in the USA: The Medal Of Honour, it could be worth a lot of money. Of course, most of us wouldn’t want to give away such a token, as having a family member awarded with such as high prize is rewarding enough.



Have you ever bumped into Michael Jackson at a restaurant or Whitney Houston in the store? Autographs from famous faces have always been a lucrative collector’s item, but with many of the world’s greatest losing their lives: the historical value of these autographs has increased significantly. Tokens of celebrity’s lives are situated amongst the most valuable to collect.

Small tokens may seem insignificant to the naked eye, but once you study these items and delve into the history behind them, you could be amazed at what you discover.