May 19, 2024

Hankering for History

Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire, in this case for–you guessed it–history!

Historical Sites

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When I say ‘historical sites’ you might automatically assume that I am referring to locations, such as: battlefields, museums, and national monuments; however, this would not be the case. In this instance, I am talking about websites. There are thousands upon thousands of history based websites, and I wanted to share a few of them with you today.

The first one is While this is where many of you may go to buy the majority of your books, what you might not know about is Amazon’s large selection of FREE Kindle books. Click here to see a list of a lot of free books! There are hundreds and hundreds of free history books for your perusing.

Free History Books
Examples of Free E-Books

And if you say, “Grant, I don’t have a Kindle to read these on.” Then you simply need the Kindle reader for your computer, which you can get here.

The next site is Reddit’s HistoryPorn. While you may see the word ‘porn’ and hesitate to click the link, let me assure you that it is SFW (safe for work).

HistoryPorn? What is that?

HistoryPorn is for historical photographs. Modern pictures are generally not allowed. If the picture is modern then it must be of an historically noteworthy event not just a picture from current events. A good example would be pictures from the Iraq War or the Russian pull out from Afghanistan in the 80’s – modern but still historically representative.

While the name is a little off-putting, the images that you will run across will blow your mind. There are some great photo-finds here.

Ponce de Leon Hotel, St. Augustine, Fl, circa 1880-97
Example of Picture from Reddit HistoryPorn / Pool in the Casino, Ponce de Leon Hotel, St. Augustine, Fl, circa 1880-97

The next website is George Mason University’s History News Network (HNN). This site has one goal and is great for those that are history and news junkies. They have a simple mission plan:

Our mission is to help put current events into historical perspective. Given how public opinion is shaped today, whipsawed emotionally on talk shows this way and that in response to the egos of the guests, the desire for ratings by the hosts and the search for profits by media companies and sponsors, historians are especially needed now. They can help remind us of the superficiality of what-happens-today-is-all-that-counts journalism.

There are few sites that can properly use history and relate it to current events, and HNN is one of them. In my opinion, they also do the best job.

The last site is Yesteeyear (like yesteryear). The site sells history related t-shirts. (Hence the yesTEEyear). Their shirts are quite humorous, they have great links to history gift guides, and there are also some great articles on the site.

Shirt Designs on
Examples of Shirt Designs on

So here is my short list of some sites that I believe are worth checking out. I would love to see some of the sites that you guys can recommend!!