June 20, 2024

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For Afghanistan, Charity And Positive Change Still Begin At Home

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The old saying, “Charity begins at home”, takes on a whole new meaning when the context is Afghanistan. Afghanistan is one of the nations that has seen continuous socio-political upheaval. The country has enjoyed existence as a nation-state since the uniting of the Pashtun tribes by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747. However, it is no secret that the civil wars after the Soviet Union intervention in 1979, and the divisions caused by the Taliban, have affected its development potential, despite the current democratic political system.

Scoff As You Might, A Full Recovery Is In Sight

Four decades of unceasing conflict since have reduced the independent country to a shell of its former self, as many of its citizens became refugees in neighboring Iran and Pakistan, and the farther-off United Kingdom and Australia. However, the saga of this long-suffering country may yet have a surprisingly positive conclusion. While the process of recovery may well take its time getting the nation back on its feet, it is indisputable that the spirit of progress is slowly but surely beginning its work of positive transformation.

Returning Refugees Are Bringing Much Needed Progress With Them

It would be a mistake to think that the people of Afghanistan have no inkling of what is happening in the world around them. CEO Ehsanollah Bayat of Afghan Wireless is but one of the many native sons and daughters of Afghanistan who have returned to the war torn nation with the goal of beginning a new life, through modernization. Many are of the original Afghan elite, with legal status in their places of residence, who nonetheless chose to return to their nation. The cumulative effect of this fortunate and very welcome return of Afghanistan’s prodigal children, especially the younger pioneers, is the reintroduction of much needed learning and skills.

What A Grateful Nation Can Expect From Its Returning Refugees

These resourceful and driven young entrepreneurs are precisely the people whom the nation will rely on in order to regain its secure footing, not only economically, but also financially and politically. The restoration of modernization and communication in the country in 2002 goes hand in hand with the long overdue development of its infrastructure. By building up a new and wireless system of communications all across the country, the groundwork is being laid for a renaissance of innovation and progress.

Awakening A Long Sleeping Giant From Its War Torn Nightmare

The ground work is being laid in order to welcome back a sleeping giant from its long, war-torn nightmare. Afghanistan is a country that is teeming with unexplored resources that no one has hitherto possessed the technological know how to tap into. Of course, forty years of conflict and chaos have also been a substantial factor in discouraging exploratory activity in this vein. However, as peace slowly returns to the long suffering nation, it is becoming a target of foreign and multilateral investments.

The End Result Of Free Enterprise Is A Prosperous Nation

The end result of the free enterprise system is normally a peaceful and prosperous nation. While it is still too soon to positively suggest that Afghanistan will soon be among the world’s most industrious and progressive nations, it is certainly true that many of the signs of a coming cultural, political, and financial renaissance are firmly in place.