June 20, 2024

Hankering for History

Hanker: To have a strong, often restless desire, in this case for–you guessed it–history!

5 Benefits of Studying History in Schools

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History refers to the study of past happenings, people, and locations. In other words, it is simply a record of everything that has occurred in the past. Many of today’s scholars don’t comprehend the role of studying history in schools, making them oblivious of how it affects their present and future lives.

Virtually everyone today is aware of the saying, “history repeats itself,” which can be somewhat misleading. The truth is that by studying the activities of the past generations, we can learn and avid a repletion of previous failures.

If you are considering taking a history class or are just curious about the benefits of studying history, this post will help you. Below, we take a look at five advantages of pursuing history education in school.

It Shows Us How Our Time Is Same or Different to Past Periods

Do you want to know how life was like in the past periods? Studying history will help you understand life in the old British, European, Chinese, and Roman territories. It will allow you to access various preserved materials, enabling you to understand past experiences through the people’s voices.

After gaining this knowledge, as a student, you can use the evidence creatively to gauge how the past is similar or different from the present. With time, you learn how to think in new ways about the past and the future.

It Helps You Develop Essential Life Skills

Studying history enables learners to cultivate highly transferable skills. Some of them include:

  • Critical and analytical thinking;
  • Research and evidence evaluation;
  • Forming elaborate arguments;
  • Oral and written communication;
  • Time management.

These skills can be learned through history education since the subject calls for a thorough analysis of evidence. Moreover, this discipline calls for excellent interpretation and presentation of these facts. It is no wonder why history experts with these skills are appreciated in careers such as law, journalism, public sector, policy-making, etc.

If you are struggling with a college paper in school, be sure to tap into these skills. You’ve undoubtedly developed many of them ever since you set foot into a history class. Besides, you can always seek help from your educator or your classmates. If you can not get a hold of either, you can always turn to a reliable online academic service. 

It Offers an Opportunity to Visit and Study in Historical Sites

By studying history, you get a unique opportunity to learn about ancient civilizations. Better yet, your school might organize a trip to various historical locations, giving you first-hand experience with past cultures. For instance, you could visit Egypt’s pyramids to learn about Egyptian civilization and why it collapsed. Other historical sites you can visit include Persepolis, Alhambra, Colosseum in Rome, and Petra.

If your school has been in existence for a long time, you can also study in places designed by past architects. This way, you can better understand past architectural practices, views on education, and so forth.

It Helps You Understand Identity

Countries are made up of a collection of tales. These accounts influence how people think about their country and their position in it. Studying history helps you learn about how various institutions in your country were formed and how they impact life today.

As you learn more about the roots of your nation and people, you cultivate your identity. You can find out exactly who you are and realize your contribution to your country and the world at large. And by allowing you and others to learn about your country’s identity, history ensures that you have a sense of belonging.

It Makes You a More Rounded Person

History will expose you to a diversity of stories, from the uplifting and inspiring to the downright chaotic and saddening. Given this, as you study history, you are bound to go through an array of emotions, making you a more emotionally intelligent with time.

Moreover, as you learn to appreciate the good and the bad things humans have done in the past, you understand the triggers. This way, you develop a fuller mindset, which helps control situations before they worsen.

Summing It Up

History plays a crucial role in shaping our present and future lives. While many students today shy away from this subject (and other humanities) in favor of sciences and arts, it remains an excellent educational discipline. If you want to be convinced some more, well, these are just some of the many benefits of taking history. I hope they inspire you to take the subject.


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  1. History was my favorite subject in school. No wonder I went further down that path.
    History is ambiguous, with too much information. It teaches analytical and critical thinking.

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