Today in History, February 1st

By | February 1, 2014
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A few of the great historical events that happened today in history, February 1st!

1327 Edward III is coronated King of England.
1587 Elizabeth I, Queen of England, signs the Warrant of Execution for Mary Queen of Scots.
1633 The tobacco laws of Virginia are codified, limiting tobacco production to reduce dependence on a single-crop economy.
1793 France declares war on Britain and the Netherlands.
1861 A furious Governor Sam Houston storms out of a legislative session upon learning that Texas has voted 167-7 to secede from the Union.


Governor Sam Houston

1862 “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” a poem by Julia Ward Howe, was published in the Atlantic Monthly.
1896 Puccini’s opera “La Boheme” premiered in Turin, Italy.
1902 U.S. Secretary of State John Hay protests Russian privileges in China as a violation of the “open door policy.”
1905 Germany contests French rule in Morocco.
1909 U.S. troops leave Cuba after installing Jose Miguel Gomez as president.
1920 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established.
1930 A Loening Air Yacht of Air Ferries makes its first passenger run between San Francisco and Oakland, California.
1942 Planes of the U.S. Pacific fleet attack Japanese bases in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands.
1943 American tanks and infantry are battered at German positions at Fais pass in North Africa.
1944 U.S. Army troops invade two Kwajalein Islands in the Pacific.
1945 U.S. Rangers and Filipino guerrillas rescue 513 American survivors of the Bataan Death March.
1946 Norwegian statesman Trygve Lie was chosen to be the first secretary-general of the United Nations.


Trygve Lie

1951 Third A-bomb tests are completed in the desert of Nevada.
1960 Four black college students began a sit-in protest at a lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C., where they’d been refused service.
1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson rejects Charles de Gaulle’s plan for a neutral Vietnam.
1965 Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and 770 others are arrested in protest against voter discrimination in Alabama.
1968 South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu declares martial law.
1968 During the Vietnam War, Saigon’s police chief, Nguyen Ngoc Loan, executed a Viet Cong officer with a pistol shot to the head.
1979 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini received a tumultuous welcome in Tehran as he ended nearly 15 years of exile.
1982 “Late Night with David Letterman” premiered on NBC.
1986 Two days of anti-government riots in Port-au-Prince result in 14 dead.
1999 Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky gave a vidotaped deposition for senators weighing impeachment charges against President Bill Clinton.


Monica Lewinsky swearing in for her deposition.

2004 Singer Janet Jackson’s breast was briefly exposed during the Super Bowl halftime show.
2009 The Pittsburgh Steelers won their record sixth Super Bowl with a 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

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A few of the great historical events that happened today in history!

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