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Today in History, November 14th

A few of the great historical events that happened today in history, November 14th! 1501 Arthur Tudor of England marries Katherine of Aragon. 1881 Charles J. Guiteau went on trial for assassinating President James A. Garfield. (He was convicted and hanged.)  1882 Billy Clairborne, a survivor of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, loses his life in a shoot-out with Buckskin Frank Leslie. 1908 Albert Einstein presents his quantum theory… Read More »

George Wyman and His Transcontinental Crossing

If I told you that I was going to travel from one end of Memphis to the other end, in a vehicle with a 90 cc, 1.5 hp, four-stroke engine, you would probably fear for my safety. In fact, with the current city speed limits, I probably could not legally complete this task. However, in 1903, George Wyman completed a tremendous feat while riding a vehicle with those exact specification–a… Read More »

History from the Web

Part of why I write at Hankering for History is that I love sharing. I don’t just like sharing what I’ve learned, but also what I run across on other websites. Whether it’s a video clip, an article, breaking-news, or someone selling history doodads online, I want you guys to know about it as well. It’s time, for History from the Web! I have some exciting news! (If you have… Read More »

The History of the Electric Bike (Guest Post)

As of early 2010, there were an estimated 120 million electric bicycles in China alone, a stat that dwarfs every other country in the world. Since the early to mid-1990’s, electric bikes have seen immense growth in both global production and sales, but their history actually goes back much further – almost 100 years – to the 1890’s. Though there is some dispute as to who truly invented the first… Read More »

Top 5 Historic Attractions in London

When you happen to be in Central London and you decide to catch up on a little history and art, perhaps it would surprise you that there is very little time for all the historic attractions that can be found there. United Kingdom’s capital has much to offer in terms of palaces and landmarks, so one who is searching for a dose of history will find that he could actually… Read More »

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Wow, another year over already? I find it hard to believe that it is already 2013. 2012 was a great year for me. I have learned more about history in the last year, than in all my years combined. I learned about events, such as The Johnny Bright Incident; inventions, like The Invention of the Wedding Ring; and people–real or not–like Lady Columbia (the female personification of America.) I… Read More »