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Kudos to the Soulsville Foundation

On nights when I cannot sleep I often get in my car, put my sunroof down, and just drive. Not two blocks from my house is a street called Southern Avenue (before it dead-ends the street name changes several times). From start to finish, round-trip, the drive is about twenty-five miles. There is almost no traffic and very few lights on this stretch of road–I can drive peacefully and stress-free.… Read More »

From Sin to Grace, the Story of John Newton

For Christmas this past year I was gifted History Channel’s The Greatest Stories Never Told: 100 Tales from History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy, by Rick Beyer. It was in a pile of fifteen (or so) books which I have received over the last few months–all of which I have yet to read. Trying to decide which book to read next, I picked each one of them up and thumbed… Read More »

History from the Web

Part of why I write at Hankering for History is that I love sharing. I don’t just like sharing what I’ve learned, but also what I run across on other websites. Whether it’s a video clip, an article, breaking-news, or someone selling history doodads online, I want you guys to know about it as well. It’s time, for History from the Web! If you are unfamiliar with auto-tuning, it is a trend in… Read More »

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

One of the founding fathers of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jerry Lee Lewis, put out his #1 hit, “Great Balls of Fire,” on this day (Oct 8th), in 1957. This pianist, with god-like talent, recorded “Great Balls of Fire” at Rock ‘n’ Roll headquarters, Sun Studio, in Memphis, Tennessee. Sun Studio recorded some of, if not, the greatest talent of this generation. Along with great single hits, like the aforementioned, Lewis is famous for… Read More »