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Horatii and Curiatii: Fight or Flight?

I don’t often write about ancient Greek or Roman history, but I found an interesting story that I thought was awesome, and I had to pass it on. Titus Livius Patavinus, a Roman historian that lived from 59 BC – AD 17, tells in his book Ab Urbe Condita Libri (Books from the Foundation of the City) of a battle that took place in 670 BC. As I gathered resources to write a post,… Read More »

Becoming Rich…the Ancient Roman Way

Every man, no penchant for erudition demanded, is acquainted with Caesar’s name, whether from the numerous movies depicting his affair with equally famed Queen Cleopatra or a variety of other sources (say, the ‘Asterix & Obelix’ series)… one doesn’t usually care. We’ve all heard of the mighty military genius who brought the Roman Empire closer to its zenith. Through the portrayals he’s been given across time (from Ciaran Hinds to… Read More »