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Junius Brutus Booth & John Wilkes Booth – Genetically Predisposed to Assassinate?

It is not odd to hear about generations of a family working in the same line of business. Centuries ago, it was very common for a father to pass on his skill set to his son. If one’s father was a blacksmith by trade, there was a good chance that the child would also be a blacksmith. Even today, there are still many sons that take after their fathers. One of the… Read More »

Vandalism to a National Historic Landmark

There is a place, in Brooklyn, New York, that in its prime “developed an international reputation for its magnificent beauty.” In fact, this place was so “magnificent” that only twenty-two (22) years after its inception it “was attracting 500,000 visitors a year, rivaling Niagara Falls as the country’s greatest tourist attraction. Crowds flocked to [this historic landmark] to enjoy family outings, carriage rides, and sculpture viewings.” [1] I think you… Read More »

The Turning Point of the Civil War

While historians will argue as to what was the actual turning point of the Civil War, most won’t argue about the date. (If you are not aware of what the Civil War is, or just want to refresh, click here to start from the beginning.) On July 4, 1863, two separate Confederate armies forfeited; one of these was in the form of retreat, the other was a surrender. While either… Read More »