Friday, February 16, 2018

Tag: American Civil War

Women of the Civil War

In the years preceding the Civil War, American women’s lives were formed by what historians and sociologists have coined as “the Cult of Domesticity.”...

Was The Civil War Inevitable?

Was the Civil War inevitable? Could the conflicts between federal government and states, between North and South, be resolved in any other way? The answer is yes. If the federal government allowed states to do whatever they wished, and the Northern and the Southern states decided they did not need one another, the Civil War would probably not have happened.

History from the Web – Teachers, Snipers, and History Myth Busters

Part of why I write at Hankering for History is that I love sharing. I don’t just like sharing what I’ve learned, but also...

Which Side Had the Most Hot Air?

Both the Union and Confederate armies used hot air balloons for spying during the Civil War. Their use marked the first time any aeronautical...