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The History of the Weekend

There are always inventions and aspects of live that people take for granted. Personally, I take air conditioning for granted every day. It is one of those certainties in life we’ve grown accustomed to, only to notice it once it’s too late. I grew up in a family that had weekends off, it was a given: from Friday night to Monday morning, my family didn’t work. It wasn’t until I became… Read More »

The History and Traditions of the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is almost upon us and come January 31st, the celebrations will begin not just in China, but in many locations around the world. While little is known about the exact beginning of the New Year’s celebrations in China, one such legend says the celebrations began after an attack, on New Year’s Eve, from a mythical beast called the ‘Year’ – or ‘Nián’ in Mandarin. The beast, which was… Read More »

History of Home Heating: From Fire in a Cave to an Electric Fireplace

History of Home Heating: From Fire in a Cave to an Electric Fireplace (Guest Post) It might be hard for us to envision from the relative comfort of our centrally heated, thoroughly insulated homes, but early man — perhaps the same guy who invented the wheel — had to figure out how to light a fire and use it to heat a living space. Clearly, we’ve come a long way… Read More »

The History of Medieval Toilets and Plumbing

The History of Medieval Toilets and Plumbing (Guest Post) Modern indoor plumbing was invented in the 1800s and wasn’t widely used until the 1920s. It was commonly believed that before then, people washed their hair in the river, bathed in bathtubs filled with buckets of water from the creek, and used outhouse-style toilets with no plumbing whatsoever. While some medieval civilizations did do those things, some wealthier civilizations during the… Read More »

The History of Maids

Like many other living things on this planet, humans have powerful instincts for competition, domination and control. Those who posture the most are able to establish themselves as superior and subsequently work to create a distinction between themselves and those who are perceived or shown to be below them. With this kind of blinding power comes a certain amount of influence over others, which has been used to varying degrees… Read More »

The History of Poker in Six Essential Moments

The game of poker is one that’s ever evolving, and many players today only know the history of the game dating back about a decade or so. Poker is a much more storied game than just what you’ve seen on TV in the last few years, though, and today we boil that down to six key moments that help define poker’s history. The history of poker…no bluff. 1) Playing Cards Invented in… Read More »