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The History of Human Trafficking

As of 2012 (the latest available data on human trafficking), 40,177 cases of trafficking were reported in the 2010-2012 period—and these are only the known cases. Broken down, it is a total of 13,392 persons trafficked a year; 36 trafficked every day; an average of one person trafficked an hour. 152 nationalities have been trafficked to 124 nations. 49% of the trafficking victims are women, and 33% are children. 21%… Read More »

Hungarian History: The Long Road to Democracy and Independence

In 1959, Scottish novelist Alistair MacLean set his fourth novel, The Last Frontier, in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) satellite People’s Republic of Hungary. Written during the bleak years following the failed October Revolution of 1956, it was in effect an appeal to the ‘West,’ to open as many channels of interaction to the satellite nations as possible, to win them freedom. However, the years under the Soviet… Read More »

The History of Zoos

Today, the zoo is on the list of inevitable field trips and vacation destinations. There is no title, bloodline, or income bracket required for admission into any public zoo, whether the  Philadelphia Zoo or the London Zoo. It was not always this way: the first animal collections were symbols of prestige for kings and emperors, and later assembled for scientific study. The Period of Kings and Emperors With the advent… Read More »

The History of Benefits in America

The widespread social benefits program of America began during the Civil War. A deceased Union soldier’s widow and orphans could draw a salary as of 1982. By 1890, Union soldiers drew disability pensions, and by 1906 they received old-age pensions. Despite that, there was no move by the Federal government to institute benefits in general society. By 1882, the Alfred Dodge Company started giving pensions to its long-time employees. However,… Read More »

The History of Board Games

For many people, board games represent a staple of family gatherings. But board games actually go back much further than many of us might initially think. Let’s take a brief look into the history of the board game, how it has changed over the years and what players today can expect from modern day board games. The earliest ever recorded board game is senet traces of which have been found… Read More »

The History of Epidemiology: Thank You Hippocrates and Girolamo

So I ran across an infographic the other day that was basically a breakdown of how Ebola spreads (created by the MPH program at USC). My first reaction to the infographic was “Ewww. That’s nasty!” My second was to wonder how they had figured all of this out. Well, the answer is “Epidemiology”. It’s gross. It’s weird. It’ll make you afraid to touch anything. And because I firmly believe in… Read More »