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Harry Truman: Now on your Money and on my Top 5

When looking at the presidents that have shaped America’s history, many don’t think of President Harry S Truman. His face doesn’t appear on Mount Rushmore or on any American currency*, he wasn’t a Founding Father or Revolutionary War hero, and he didn’t get America out of the Great Depression. While he tends to rank well in scholar surveys, he doesn’t rank as high as he should in popular opinion polls.… Read More »

Five Things You Should Know About Women in Sparta

  The Spartans are known for producing fierce and strong warriors in battle. You may think it’s all there was to their civilization, as seen in movies like 300. But have you thought about how the Spartan women lived? Here are five facts about Spartan women that give you a glimpse on how a Spartan woman lived during those ancient times. 1. Spartan girls were given formal education in order to… Read More »

10 Memorable Quotes by Martin Luther King

As we wrap up Black History month, it is important to reflect back on who we’ve learned about and their great accomplishments. Hands down, one of the most common individuals credited for the success of African-Americans is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Being the great orator that he was, his exceptional speeches made every listener stick to their seats, hanging on his every word. Now commonly referred to as MLK,… Read More »

The Lamentable Loss of Alice Herz-Sommer

Alice Herz-Sommer is known for two reasons: the first is that she was a super-centenarian–meaning that she had reached the age of 110–and the second being that until her death today, she was the oldest known Holocaust survivor. In 1943, at the age of  thirty-nine, Alice Herz-Sommer; her husband, Leopold Simmer; and her six-year-old son, Raphael, were all taken from their home in Prague, and placed in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Before her… Read More »

The History of Presidents’ Day

President’s Day was created by an act of Congress in 1879 to honor George Washington on his birthday, which was February 22nd. Today, we observe Presidents’ Day on the third Monday of February each year as a way to acknowledge not just Washington’s Birthday, but Abraham Lincoln’s, as well. Lincoln’s birthday, February 12th, has never been a federal holiday, though it has traditionally been noted on calendars as a day… Read More »

Historic Log Cabins of America’s Past

Historic Log Cabins of America Serving as a springboard for the imaginations of both young and old, log cabins are also the setting for several key moments in American history. Log cabins were scattered throughout various sites of significance during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. William Henry Harrison adopted the log cabin as his campaign symbol during his presidential run in 1840–presumably to appeal to the down-home, sentimental side… Read More »