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Project A119: America Tried to Blow Up the Moon

Ever hear about the time that America tried to blow up the Moon with a nuclear bomb? Okay, they didn’t really try to blow it up, but they did want to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon’s surface–you know, for science… Project A119 was the official name of the United States Air Force’s top-secret plan. It was also known as “A Study of Lunar Research Flight.” It was 1958,… Read More »

Chinese History and its Fusion of Interacting, Distinguishable Cultures

America has a sordid past; it is marred with the eradication of the native population, centuries of brutally-savage slavery, and the oppression of almost every race and religion that ever arrived on American soil. Yet, somehow, America overcame its differences and, as a nation, became synonymous with the term ‘melting pot.’ One may see this as an impressive feat; however, it pales in comparison to what the Chinese accomplished over… Read More »

The Chinese Story of Creation (It’s Closer to Christianity than You Thought)

I am currently enrolled in a class, at The University of Memphis, HIST 3290: Traditional East Asia. There is nothing more scary to me that venturing out into unknown territory; I miss my American history comfort zone! The following video was assigned as part of the class. It is a short animated video (9:30), entitled Nü Wa Patches Up the Sky. This video shows us the Chinese story of creation. It… Read More »

Molon Labe: What Does it Meme?

Most internet memes pop up out of nowhere and take the world by storm, however, the molon labe memes have been in the works for more than two-thousand years. From bumper stickers to hilariously–inappropriate pictures, molon labe memes are becoming more and more popular with political pundits and internet journalists. In political news and in conservative circles, the term ‘molon labe’ has been tossed around a lot lately. The Greek… Read More »

Four Oddest Events in Money History

In ancient history, money was no issue…because it didn’t exist. People used to barter for everything. You’d trade a goat for some apples and tobacco and call it a deal. And that was fine, until people started realizing that a deal wasn’t always fair, and bartering was kind of inefficient. Currency had to be developed, and it happened somewhere around 2,500 years ago. There will always be a debate about… Read More »

The History Of Dr Martens In Youth Culture

The History Of Dr Martens In Youth Culture (Guest Post) The Dr Martens boot is one of the most famous and iconic shoes in the world, having been born in Germany by creator Klaus Martens. The classic boot has been the footwear of choice for rebellious youth culture and has never lost its cool aura and divisive style. It’s been a constant symbol for fighting back against ‘the man’. But… Read More »