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Upcoming History Events in West Tennessee

As a native of West Tennessee, I feel as if we get the short end of the stick. So often the rest of the world see West Tennessee as either the home of Elvis Presley or the city that killed Martin Luther King, Jr. Therefore, it excites me when I hear of other historical events taking place in Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. Here are three in particular that… Read More »

How Society Sees Historians

As I talk to people about my aspirations, this website, or history in general, I tend to get the following response, “History? Yuck! I hated history when I was in school–dates, names, places…” They continue to grumble about their distaste of all things history. It is as if society sees historians as a bunch of drab, over-educated, Civil War reenactors. I was watching a show the other day, Desperate Housewives… Read More »

Casey Jones 150th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was the 150th birthday celebration for Jonathan Luther “Casey” Jones. You know me, I had to go by and visit. I am always up for a good historical field trip, and the festivities in Jackson, Tennessee, were just down the road. I borrowed my wife’s Honda Civic (which gets awesome gas mileage), turned on a lecture from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and headed north. I didn’t… Read More »

Which Amendment from the Bill of Rights is Worthy of a Paper?

Which Amendment from the Bill of Rights is Worthy of a Paper? I am about to start a research paper for my United States Constitutional History class, regarding the Bill of Rights. I have the following assignment and would love to have input from you guys. Pick a clause of the original Constitution or Bill of Rights. Trace the meaning and application of that clause. First, why did the Framers… Read More »

I Saw the Emancipation Proclamation, With My Own Eyes!

Discovering the Civil War For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you have probably seen mention that I was going to see the Emancipation Proclamation. The “Discovering the Civil War” tour is currently in Nashville, Tennessee, and the main attraction for this exhibit was the Emancipation Proclamation. For the first several days, the original Emancipation Proclamation was on display; however, because of the age and condition… Read More »

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The third Monday in January is commonly known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Martin Luther King Day, or my favorite MLK Day. What you might not know is that many states clump this holiday with their own state’s holiday(s). For instance, today is Lee–Jackson–King Day in Virginia. The state of Virginia uses this day to celebrate not only the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., but also the memories of Robert E.… Read More »