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May is Now Bike Month in Memphis

On my commute into work today, I noticed a rather large influx in bicyclists–I mean, a lot more! There were enough cyclists on the road that–in my natural curiosity–I got online to see if I could ascertain as to what the hubbub was all about. It turns out that today is National Bike to Work Day. In the last few years Memphis, Tennessee, has become a much friendlier city to bike riders. In fact, as of today, a… Read More »

Barnstormers: The History of a Short-Lived Commercial Venture

I’m an old army dog. I joined in the ‘90s and spent a while working in Army Aviation as grease monkey, fixing broken helicopters and swearing at the flight suit inserts that broke them. In spite of the fact that the AH-64A is doubtlessly the ugliest, dirtiest hanger queen I’ve ever had the displeasure of being around I still love that bird years after I got out. It seems that… Read More »

Eyeglasses: The History Behind the Frames

Although the making of eyeglasses has a long and interesting history, no one is really sure who first discovered that curved glass could enhance vision. Somewhere between the years 1000 and 1250, simple reading stones were used by monks and scholars to magnify texts, making them much easier to read. These early stones resembled modern-day clear glass paperweights in the shape of a half-sphere. The First Glasses The first actual… Read More »

Neanderthals: The Earliest Accountants in History

So it turns out that Neanderthal was history’s first accountant. “Shya, right”, I can hear you say. “Big browed, primitive, cave man Neanderthal was a CPA? Pull the other leg.” Okay, so I admit that Neanderthal was not actually an accountant per se. But the evidence is piling up indicating that Neanderthal was amongst our first professional counters. It certainly appears they using more complex math than we would have… Read More »

The Winchester Mystery House

Due to an increase in violent crime, in the Memphis area, my wife and I decided to sign up to become licensed with handgun carry permits. Neither of us have any experience around guns, so we decided to first take an Introduction to Firearms class at a local range. It covered the basics of firearm safety, the proper stance and technique for shooting, and information as to how the mechanics… Read More »

Building Bridges: Most Amazing Structures from the 19th Century

Since the beginning, man has been crossing and moving past insurmountable obstacles. From basic ideas to advanced technology, we have seen the work of masters pass through the ages. The earliest bridge was a fallen log across a stream, but bridges have progressed to stone and even intricate metal work done by novices and masters alike. By the 19th century, bridge construction greatly changed with the advent of steel. Steel… Read More »