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The Winchester Mystery House

Due to an increase in violent crime, in the Memphis area, my wife and I decided to sign up to become licensed with handgun carry permits. Neither of us have any experience around guns, so we decided to first take an Introduction to Firearms class at a local range. It covered the basics of firearm safety, the proper stance and technique for shooting, and information as to how the mechanics… Read More »

Building Bridges: Most Amazing Structures from the 19th Century

Since the beginning, man has been crossing and moving past insurmountable obstacles. From basic ideas to advanced technology, we have seen the work of masters pass through the ages. The earliest bridge was a fallen log across a stream, but bridges have progressed to stone and even intricate metal work done by novices and masters alike. By the 19th century, bridge construction greatly changed with the advent of steel. Steel… Read More »

What is History but a Gamble?

On more than one occasion, I have used the following expressions (and in no relation to cards or gambling). When the chips are down Forcing someone’s hand Hitting the jackpot All bets are off The deck is stacked A few cards short a deck These terms, which originated as expressions associated with gambling, are now part of our common vernacular. If you think about it, some of the most historical… Read More »

A History of Corrective Lenses

There are some innovations in our contemporary lifestyles that have become so commonplace that we can’t imagine life without them: electricity and plumbing, of course, and a few more everyday implements.  What would you do without, say, your glasses/contacts/laser eye surgery? If you use glasses or contacts, they’re probably the first things you reach for in the morning. You need them to read, drive, and sometimes just to make out… Read More »

Which Side Had the Most Hot Air?

Both the Union and Confederate armies used hot air balloons for spying during the Civil War. Their use marked the first time any aeronautical device was used for war purposes in the United States. Balloons had been used previously for civilian purposes but it wasn’t until Thaddeus Lowe met with Abraham Lincoln in June 1861 that they were considered for use in war. Lowe, a professional aeronaut, demonstrated before the… Read More »

The Origins of the Microwave Oven: Messy and Full of Peanuts

Can you imagine a life without a microwave oven? Microwaves grant us a way to heat even the most frozen foods in mere moments without needing to wait for a fire to kindle or an oven to warm. It’s difficult for many people to envision a situation where they wouldn’t be able to have hot food on demand at any time of the day. The appliances are so ubiquitous and… Read More »