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Building Bridges: Most Amazing Structures from the 19th Century

Since the beginning, man has been crossing and moving past insurmountable obstacles. From basic ideas to advanced technology, we have seen the work of masters pass through the ages. The earliest bridge was a fallen log across a stream, but bridges have progressed to stone and even intricate metal work done by novices and masters alike. By the 19th century, bridge construction greatly changed with the advent of steel. Steel… Read More »

Project A119: America Tried to Blow Up the Moon

Ever hear about the time that America tried to blow up the Moon with a nuclear bomb? Okay, they didn’t really try to blow it up, but they did want to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon’s surface–you know, for science… Project A119 was the official name of the United States Air Force’s top-secret plan. It was also known as “A Study of Lunar Research Flight.” It was 1958,… Read More »

The History of the Weekend

There are always inventions and aspects of live that people take for granted. Personally, I take air conditioning for granted every day. It is one of those certainties in life we’ve grown accustomed to, only to notice it once it’s too late. I grew up in a family that had weekends off, it was a given: from Friday night to Monday morning, my family didn’t work. It wasn’t until I became… Read More »

Five Things You Should Know About Women in Sparta

  The Spartans are known for producing fierce and strong warriors in battle. You may think it’s all there was to their civilization, as seen in movies like 300. But have you thought about how the Spartan women lived? Here are five facts about Spartan women that give you a glimpse on how a Spartan woman lived during those ancient times. 1. Spartan girls were given formal education in order to… Read More »

Chinese Civilization’s Impact on Japan and Korea

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” This is not a quote from Confucius—or from any Traditional East Asian member of historical significance, for that matter. However, it perfectly describes the way in which elements of Chinese civilization impacted its neighbors. When a country finds itself on the pinnacle of technological advancement, it can often look down and see the faces of millions watching; these faces are watching not only… Read More »

10 Memorable Quotes by Martin Luther King

As we wrap up Black History month, it is important to reflect back on who we’ve learned about and their great accomplishments. Hands down, one of the most common individuals credited for the success of African-Americans is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Being the great orator that he was, his exceptional speeches made every listener stick to their seats, hanging on his every word. Now commonly referred to as MLK,… Read More »